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About Us

About Us

The company was founded in January 2006. Our goal is to provide excellent custom building and renovation with meticulous attention to detail. We have intentionally maintained a company size that allows the owner/principal of the business to provide dedicated attention to each project on a daily basis. Altman & Co. is unique among its competitors in this respect. Our emphasis is on delivering quality work in an efficient manner. We feel that this approach provides our clients with the finest quality at a fair cost.

Our background includes decades of hands-on experience building custom homes and years of experience managing a construction business and its estimating department. We have the skill and knowledge to fabricate and build all types of residential design from traditional to contemporary.

We employ highly experienced and skilled construction personnel. All of our employees are dedicated to the company's goals of excellence in the work, customer service and technical knowledge. Our subcontractors are the best in their trades, with respected reputations in the San Francisco construction community.


Building things has been an interest and a prime activity of mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home with an attached shop that my father used to build furniture. He owned a kitchen cabinet / remodeling company and when he had the time would be working in that shop building furniture for our home, and for his friends. His father was a tool and die maker; a highly skilled machinist, who worked at the foundry of Dodge Steel in Philadelphia. There he made the tools, casting molds, and milling machines that were used in the foundry to produce precision parts for ships being built in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Evidently a love of good tools and the work they produce has been a passion in our family for generations.

As a kid, I graduated from watching and helping my Dad in his shop, to building my own projects, which at that time included several spectacular tree houses built in the tall, old growth hardwoods of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There was one very special tree house which was a log cabin, built entirely from trees felled in the woods, hewed and shaped by hand with my axe and hatchet. That was my first experience with "timber framing"; later on I would return to some of those techniques when I built a partially "timber framed" home for a customer in Vermont.

When I was a teenager, during summer vacations, I started working for a local homebuilder who specialized in re-building/restoring 18th and 19th century homes which were relatively plentiful in that area. His carpenter crew performed every trade in the restoration of those homes, except for electrical and plumbing. After I finished school, I worked full time with this builder learning as much as I could of the skills and processes involved in building these beautiful homes.

The approach to building, and the tool skills that I learned way back then, is what Altman & Co. continues to employ in the everyday tasks of our building business.
Steve Altman

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